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Drive the Fastest Car in the World without Worrying About Crashing Into a Wall

Enviada por Inspirador em 03.11.20

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So you want to drive the fastest car in the world and surpass the ridiculous speed of 400 km/h? Fine, as long as it’s with a joystick, a PlayStation 3 and the Gran Turismo 5 game. Ignoring all sorts of regulations (including safety), the Formula 1 Red Bull Racing team (RBR) and Polyphony Digital from Sony, conceived a virtual car which has only one purpose in mind : speed.

Known as X1, the prototype is a concept developed by Aldrin Newey from RBR, exclusively for the fifth edition of the racing game series from Sony. Despite ignoring all Formula 1 restrictions and other categories, the car was completely conceived based on real physics.


The V6 twin turbo engine with direct injection takes the X1 up to a speed of 450 km/h and even provides an acceleration of 8.5 G (almost the limit of the human body). As well as having the front wheel covered to diminish the wind friction, the aerodynamics of the Newey stands out for its similarity with a Formula 1, but with a bolder design which takes advantage of the ground effect (system that reduces the air pressure between the can and the ground, introduced in 1978 in Brabham) in order to make the tightest curves at high speed.

The partnership between Polyphony and RBR resulted in a round of tests on the Suzuka (Japan) race track (virtual, of course) with Sebastian Vettel as the pilot who was able to improve the time by 20 seconds. Even in the complicated circuit of Nürburgring, Germany, the total time was of 1.04 minutes (against the actual record of 1.29 minutes of Michael Schumacher in 2004 with Ferrari).

The prototype X1 will be in the Gran Turismo 5 game, exclusively for Play Station 3. The launch, which was scheduled for Wednesday (3rd), has been postponed for the end of the year but with no defined date. Watch the following video with Vettel in Nürbergring.

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